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Negotiating a price

When buying a home, it is important to know how the negotiation process works and how this can affect the outcome of the transaction.

The first step is to make sure you have a motivated seller. You will become aware of how motivated a seller is by his/her willingness to meet with you or to show you the house. If they don???t seem too helpful, chances are they don???t really want to sell the house. Sellers listing their homes on Sell A Property are likely to be serious sellers, as they have paid a listing fee and are able to promote their homes here for up to six months.

Before making an offer, thoroughly inspect the home you like. After the inspections, prepare at least two offers, the first one being the most suitable offer for you. 

The offer should take into account any faults or problems you have found with the home. If you are willing to pay either for the house as it is (voetstoots), offer less than the seller???s price, as you will have to bear the costs of fixing the faults. Otherwise, you can match the seller???s price more closely on the proviso that the seller agrees to rectify the highlighted faults and problems.

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