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There are numerous things to do when preparing to move into a new home. By planning and doing the essentials in good time, your move should be far easier and the transition to a smooth running household at your new home is guaranteed to be less stressful.

Here are some of the tasks you will need to take care of before you move - these are summarised in a handy printable Checklist: (Sell A Property Moving Checklist.pdf)


By law the seller is required to provide the buyer with an electrical certificate of compliance and a certificate stating that the home is free of borer beetles. If you are selling your home, you will have to obtain the same certificates for the new owner.

Municipal rates

Property cannot be transferred from one owner to another until the rates due to the local authority have been paid in full for the financial year. The seller is liable for rates only for the part of the year during which he/she occupies the property and you will be required to pay the pro rata proportion of the municipal rates for the year. You will also require a rates clearance certificate from local authorities. Miltons Matsemela Inc will gladly arrange this on your behalf.


There are numerous connections that you need to make before moving into your new home. Visit the local municipality and suppliers to arrange electrical connections (if there isn???t a prepaid meter), telephone connections and the installation of a security system.


Visit your nearest post office and arrange a new post box. Inform friends and family as well as suppliers such as your bank, clothing stores where you have accounts, TV license supplier and medical aid of your new address and contact details. Notify your security company, garden service, satellite or decoder TV company and any regular services or publications you subscribe to of your change of address and/or move date. Register your car and register to vote at your new address.


Give notice of resignation to any clubs, organisations or volunteer activities you belong to. Cancel newspaper subscriptions.


Inform your insurance company of your move date so they can cancel insurance at your old home and set it up at your new home. Make sure that your insurance overlaps and that you have insurance to cover the move itself.

Service providers

Give day care centres proper notice of withdrawal and find new schools for your children if you are moving out of the area. Register your children and arrange for a transfer of the necessary school records. Ask your doctor and dentist for referrals in your new area. Transfer medical records and obtain copies of relevant prescriptions.

Moving your possessions

Get written estimates from transportation companies and obtain their written commitment of pickup and delivery dates. Check the insurance that they offer, and whether it covers replacement costs in the event of damage or breakage. Purchase additional insurance if necessary. Arrange transportation for your pets.

By attending to these issues as soon as possible after buying a home ???? and keeping a cool head ???? your move should be an easy affair.

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